• Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of unwanted everday concerns!

    You can be assisted in 1-3 sessions, bringing lasting benefits

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of unwanted everday concerns!

You can be assisted in 1-3 sessions, bringing lasting benefits  Call 0423 830 920 – Sara

Greetings to you and thank you for dropping by.

My name is Sara Sullivan – I am a natural therapist both by nature & by career choice.

I am knowledgeable, experienced & qualified in 2 gentle & very effective natural therapy healing modalities, namely P.S.H. Therapy and the Rewind Technique complementing my knowledge, skills & Diploma qualification as a Counsellor.  Typically 1 – 3 sessions bring lasting benefits.

I believe it’s not about the person fitting the therapy, but more about tailoring the therapy to fit the person – working towards them feeling better & living better – naturally!

Modern Gentle Effective & Safe therapy methods

Most people don’t realise its easier than they imagine to make changes for themselves. If you have persistent unwanted feelings, unwanted behaviours or unwanted responses in situations and you’re ready to make your desired changes, know its possible. Book your appointment now with Sara at Clear Minds Natural Therapy.

With medical and physical causes ruled out *P.S.H. has now helped many thousands of people with problems such as Anxiety – Addictions – Anger – Chronic Pain – Deep Grief – Constant Worry – Sleeping Issues – Depression – Under / Over Weight- Migraines and much more.

The *Rewind Technique is modern and safely assists people to overcome Trauma – Fears or Phobias

My mission is to normalise seeking help – its not weak to get help – its smart!

What I can do to help you

P.S.H. Therapy

Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) is a gentle & very effective subconscious-mind therapeutic modality. You aren’t required to be focussing on any specific event. This is due to the fact some people have an idea of what may have caused them their issues, but may not specifically know all details. This is ok, because your inner mind knows exactly the source of the problem.

Please know, if you’re willing for changes, then the P.S.H. methodology will gently and privately within, resolve & eliminate the underlying causes of the problems, as long as guidelines learned at session, are abided by.

Due to the P.S.H. therapy process being gentle & effective, past clients have been happy to recommend it to friends & family. Typically only 1 – 3 sessions are needed, usually a week apart.

Rewind Technique for Trauma

The Rewind Technique therapy is safe, modern, non intrusive & drug free.

The Rewind Technique is a brilliant natural therapy technique that works for those who are suffering from any trauma. Whether from being involved directly or indirectly with one off trauma or repeated trauma in their life.

This modality does NOT require you to retell or revisit your story to me at session. I may ask how this affects you, but we will not directly revisit any experience.


Counselling provides the opportunity for you to open up about your thoughts, feelings and circumstances in your life in a confidential, non-judgemental setting. I support you to reach your desired outcomes.

Research tells us it is incredibly useful to have a 1-3 sessions with a professional therapist as the need arises, to discuss your feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious or lost, need help with decision making etc.

Self Care is vital

I feel that in todays’ world, so many people are rushed & stressed, depressed & seemingly just existing & not really living by choice in their lives.

I want to reach many people to know for themselves, & to tell their friends & family that there are modern, safe & drug free, effective therapy ways to make huge & lasting differences to their lives – so they can be naturally feeling better & living better sooner, rather than later!

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