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Amazingly, healing our inner emotional mind is key to our well-being!

Making your helpful changes is easier than you may think… 1-3 sessions, bringing lasting benefits   0423 830 920 – for appointments with Sara

It must be comforting to know that you have the ability to heal & make helpful changes for yourself

Hello, I’m Sara Sullivan and I welcome you to my pages to find out more about Clear Minds Natural Therapy and how you can naturally free yourself from many everyday problems or resolve common unwanted troubles, issues, concerns, symptoms or habits.

Problems like Anxiety, Migraines, Addictions, Depression, Anger, Chronic pain or medically unexplained symptoms and very many more issues can be due to negative subconscious emotions impacting you  … we humans are emotional beings as well as thinking beings and can better use our natural self directing healing abilities. P.S.H. is an approach that enables people to help themselves. As Neuroscientist Jill Bolte-Taylor describes humans –  “Although many of us may think of ourselves as thinking creatures that feel, biologically we are feeling creatures that think”

I think you might be very interested to realise that we all have very special inner resources and abilities that we can better use to do something wonderful for ourselves. Just as we have natural healing abilities for mending a cut or scratch or a bruise, we also have a similar healing process at an emotional or inner wisdom and very private level. This level is the subconscious-mind which dutifully works for all of us 24/7, all our life.

Something that you may not have realised before is that our conscious thinking mind or the logical, rational mind actually processes things very differently to the subconscious-mind, where our emotions are processed and stored. Its the subconscious-mind which holds all our inner private and emotional parts of us, all our childhood programming, beliefs & memories. In the Limbic System portion of the brain, and it is interesting to note that although our limbic system functions throughout our lifetime, it does not mature. As a result, when our emotional ‘buttons’ are pushed, we retain the ability to react as though we were a two year old, even when we are adults.

Scientists have also now discovered that our subconscious is running our daily lives for a large 95% of the time.  We do many of our day to day functioning and actions automatically and habitually.

Many people don’t realise its actually possible and beneficial to update and resolve any unwanted beliefs, feelings or responses & patterning that may be negatively impacting our lives. We often don’t realise we are ‘living our life on a loop’ or repeat. (for extra information see Blog page ‘the science of better understanding difficult emotions’)

I am qualified and registered as a P.S.H. Therapist. (See A.S.T.A www.psh.org.au)P.S.H. therapy is specifically designed to help clients make their inner changes. P.S.H. works with an understanding of subconscious-mind principles & processes & is effective, gentle, safe and completely drug free.

Typically just 1 – 3 sessions bring lasting benefits as clients work with the original feeling level causes of their problems but without having to be reliving or revisiting painful memories at session.

I am also qualified in the use of the Rewind Technique assisting clients who are suffering with trauma.

For conscious level logical analysing and thinking support for concerns, I have a Diploma in Counselling.  Working towards the clients goals to learn Life Skills for decision making, coping strategies, stress management and so on.

We now know that many long term concerns are likely attributed to negative or unwanted subconscious issues and we can utilise the therapy modality to best suit your individual needs.

I have a WWC Working with Children clearance.

Brief Overview- How & Why does P.S.H. work?

P.S.H. is currently the most sought after form of therapy for those wanting to resolve their unwanted subconsciously driven symptoms or feelings or responses.  Perhaps it can be likened to removing all the ‘white noise’ or the ‘heavy’ feelings or unwanted ’emptiness’ or perhaps unknown beliefs or habits that are somehow sabotaging or blocking or draining you and negatively impacting your life.

P.S.H. assists you to link with your body’s natural healing abilities of your emotional brain processing in the subconscious-mind. Our subconscious-mind is naturally running, processing & maintaining for us 24/7 all our lives. From mending a scratch or cut, healing a bruise or growing toe nails along with keeping us breathing, our heart pumping & digesting foods as well as regulating our feelings & so much more. Our subconscious-mind holds our life story, our life blueprint.

With physical & medical causes ruled out P.S.H. has now helped many thousands of people with problems such as: Anxiety, Sleeping issues, Depression, Migraines, Anger, Over/Under weight, Panic Attacks & Fears, Chronic Pain, Self Esteem, Addictions, OCD, PTSD and much more.

Please see P.S.H. Therapy section for more interesting information

I believe it’s important to understand emotions are neither good or bad or right or wrong, sensible or stupid – thinking logically about them has no effect & achieves no change!

Modern Gentle Effective therapy methods

No need to retell or analyse your history

Most people don’t realise just how much our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact our health and our ability to heal. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes after all. Most people don’t realise or even consider that they can easily & gently make lasting changes for themselves.

If you have persistent unwanted feelings, unwanted behaviours or unwanted automatic responses in situations, you can make changes for yourself. (see the list below)

When you’re ready, its easier than you may think, try this safe & modern drug free therapy. Typically only 1-3 sessions are needed. Book your appointment now with Sara at Clear Minds Natural Therapy.  There is no need to revisit your issues or endlessly go over your story at session.

With medical and physical causes ruled out *P.S.H. has now helped many thousands of people, who may or may not realise that there are actually many emotional based problems such as Anxiety – Addictions (all) – Anger – Chronic Pain – Deep Unresolved Grief – Constant Worrying – Sleeping Issues – Depression – Under / Over Weight- Migraines, Skin issues like Psoriasis or Eczema, IBS, Bulimia/Anorexia and much more.

The *Rewind Technique is modern and safely assists people to overcome Trauma – Fears or Phobias

My mission is to normalise seeking help – its not weak to get help – its smart!

P.S.H. is about undoing the internal knots of emotions, naturally

P.S.H. Therapy

Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) is a gentle & most sought after effective subconscious-mind therapeutic modality. P.S.H. therapy is completely safe, modern & gentle. Something you may not have realised is that changes & healing actually continues on after formal therapy is completed when following therapy guidelines learned at session.  Typically only between 1-3 formal sessions are required, usually a week apart. 

Another benefit of following a P.S.H. approach is realising that it is not necessary to focus on any one event or talk about, analyse or even revisit your story during session. All ‘private talking’ happens at that inner wisdom level of your mind.

Yet another benefit of P.S.H. is that there is no actual need for you to know the exact cause of your issue or problems or perhaps you have some idea, but may not know all the details. This is quite ok, because your inner mind knows exactly the source of the problem held in your inner life story or life blueprint. Your inner mind knows how to resolve & eliminate the underlying & original emotional causes of your problems.

All you need is the desire to make your changes and allow that part within that knows how to privately resolve your issues to get on with the job.  Just as only you can dream your dreams, only you can make your desired inner changes and improve your overall well-being.

As the P.S.H. therapy process is so gentle & effective, many past clients have been surprised and pleased with just how easy it was to gain their results & have been happy to chat & recommend it to friends & family.

Rewind Technique for Trauma

The Rewind Technique therapy is safe, modern, non intrusive & drug free.

The Rewind Technique is a brilliant natural therapy technique that works for those who are suffering from any type of trauma. This trauma may have arisen from being involved directly or indirectly with one off experience or incident or perhaps repeated trauma in their life.

This gentle technique does NOT require you to retell or revisit your story to me at session. I may ask how this affects you, but we will not directly revisit any experience. Emotional trauma is healed at an inner emotional mind level. So this technique with your permission, allows you to reset the event from being an immediate threat to being more like a distant memory, so you are no longer ‘reliving’ the experience as if it was in present time.


Counselling provides the opportunity for you to open up about your thoughts, feelings and circumstances in your life in a confidential, non-judgemental setting. I support you to reach your desired outcomes.

Research tells us it is incredibly useful to have a 1-3 sessions with a professional therapist as the need arises, to discuss your feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious or lost, need help with decision making etc.

Self Care is vital

It seems to me in today’s world so many people are rushed & stressed, suffering anxiety or perhaps depressed & in overwhelm or pain. Many even seemingly just existing & not really living by choice in their lives.

Unfortunately, overthinking or analysing or avoiding issues can get in the way of true emotional resolving & healing.

You might find its ok to remind friends & family that modern, safe & drug free, effective P.S.H. is available to make lasting beneficial differences to their lives – so they can be naturally feeling better & living better sooner, rather than later!

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