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My own experience – this is true fact – Looking back, I now realise that I had been struggling over many decades, with several heavily imprinted childhood patterning beliefs that were running me. I was completely unaware of having repressed emotions, running me at a conscious everyday level. (None of us is aware consciously of all our childhood patterning or beliefs we have running in us at our inner level. We do however, feel or notice when they operate & negatively impact our life.) Life just ‘didn’t seem to fit’ all through my childhood, teen years & into my 20’s & 30’s & overall, I was actually living by reaction & not by choice.

I felt unfulfilled, unloved and unloveable. I had uncomfortable mixed emotions & I realised that I wasn’t being how I knew I really wanted to be, act & feel. I felt I was searching for an answer to a question I didn’t know. I had some unhealthy habits & I made some poor decisions and had some quite complicated relationships. My sense of self worth was low & credit for my self image was minimal.

On the outside I suppose it seemed like I was doing ok, outwardly I was cheerful, pleasing and kind. Inwardly though, I wasn’t, I had a void, an empty uncomfortable blank area inside. I think I was a bit like a duck on the water looking peaceful going about its business, but underwater those legs were always pumping away furiously to keep me afloat, it was all so tiring! I saw a counsellor a few times in my 20’s and 30’s on a couple of occasions & these sessions assisted me with my feelings of overwhelm at that time.

It was P.S.H. Therapy that was the modality tool that I embraced which enabled me to reset & heal my emotions and resolve outdated inner beliefs. The profound changes that naturally occurred within me, is why I am now fully qualified as P.S.H. therapist – this unique and specifically designed modality utilises ones own inner subconscious resources to resolve difficulties that have an underlying emotional cause. P.S.H. supports us to resolve our inner issues like unwanted feelings, or unwanted behaviours or unwanted automatic responses and much more.

Finding out about P.S.H. therapy

I look back and see that I was meant to find out about P.S.H. therapy. I had been made redundant with little warning from my job of 12 years & as a single mum to a young family I had to support, I was really struggling with my identity & purpose & was suffering with depression!

I had two P.S.H. sessions, I trusted the gentle process & soon found I’d made quite remarkable inner changes for myself. I noticed I felt different but better – My overall emotional healing was quite miraculous & natural – I felt more settled, comfortably confident & less worried. I had somehow been able to make big shifts within me. My life changed for the better.

If you wish to be a P.S.H. therapist, helping others to help themselves and live better lives, please see my Blog area on this website and go the Training article for more details.

Becoming a Practitioner

I studied well & became a practioner in these methodologies – P.S.H. Therapy – is still the most effective transformational therapy for helping people to truly resolve their inner subconscious level problems stemming from their childhood beliefs, experiences and subsequent patterning behaviour.

Most people don’t realise that lasting changes can occur when you allow yourself to resolve & reset at the original cause reason, known only by your inner level you.  P.S.H. is specifically designed to engage you to tune into doing this. It doesn’t matter whether you consciously know or don’t know the reason for your unwanted issues, you do know at your inner level of you.

For many people it is important to realise you can make your desired changes without needing to talk about or revisit or retell your full story at session.

P.S.H. stands for Private Subconscious-mind Healing. So we allow our inner wisdom, our subconscious, to make our desired  changes. These changes occur very naturally in private within our subconscious which operates biochemically at a cellular level 24/7, throughout our lives.

Isn’t it both interesting and reassuring to know that all of our reactions, behaviours and responses to situations we create within us in our life, we can also un-create or reset within us as well. Just as we naturally heal when we have a cut or a bone fracture, or need more oxygen when we are physically active, so too, our emotional and physical healing and non-healing changes all occur 24/7 orchestrated by our subconscious.

I studied Counselling because the person centred approach had helped me at a conscious level to sort through my distraught feelings and erratic and overwhelming thoughts at the time I was having them. I learned strategies to assist me move forward. I also learned some life Tools and skills to use in my life that were helpful to me. As a counsellor myself, I now have valuable skills and strategies to assist my clients to reach their desired outcomes.

I have always had empathy for people involved in Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & fears & panic attacks. The affects on the person involved and their family and friends can be so disruptive to a person’s life.  So I studied, what I believe to be the best modern & most effective therapy to reduce trauma for people – the Rewind Technique. This methodology resets the event, without having to relive or retell the story and so brings relief and beneficial changes, not only directly for the client, but indirectly for their family and friends as well.

I very much enjoy running my ‘Clear Minds Natural Therapy’ business assisting people who are wanting lasting mindset and emotional changes in their lives. I enjoy conducting Transformational Educational Seminars or Workshops on various topics for small & large groups. Topics include “Caring for the Carer” “Caring for the Teacher” “The Importance of Me” “Chronic Pain Reset” for individuals and/or organisations who require staff to participate in professional development, for their overall well-being. I am qualified with Cert IV Training & Assessment.

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