What is counselling and who does it help?

Counselling provides the opportunity for you to open up about your thoughts, feelings and circumstances in your life in a confidential, non-judgemental setting. I support you to reach your desired outcomes.
Simply put, it means providing practical help and support for as many varied reasons as clients may have, some examples are:-

  • for personal matters that are emotionally troubling perhaps overwhelming
  • for emotional or physical changes that are hard to come to terms with
    relationship issues
  • life changing developments like changing jobs, moving towns, getting married – needing decisions
  • being troubled by loss or illness, unresolved grief
  • guidance for future planning and goal setting
  • support to understand the reason we may feel as we do

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Henry Ford

How does it work?

Past clients have responded saying that they have really benefitted from having sessions to get themselves back on track. Research also tells us it is incredibly useful to have a 1-3 sessions with a professional therapist as the need arises, to discuss any ongoing feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious or lost, need help with decision making etc.

Speaking with a therapist can allow you to feel connected, understood and heard and just as slowing breathing down when you are angry slows physiology of your body, and is more calming – so voicing concerns and problems also has benefits for your body. We are energy beings and our body reacts to negative and positive energy. Its definitely best to deal with any concerns sooner rather than later, as there can be a corresponding physical toll on the body as well as the mental and emotional strain as time goes on.

Everyday issues like feeling overwhelmed, having a foggy brain or feeling anxious or stressed, perhaps not sleeping well can perhaps be due to unrecognised or unresolved emotional issues. Sadly, some go on for weeks or months even years thinking “I’ll just handle it” or perhaps they feel embarrassed or ashamed about their concerns or issues. Please reach out, there are drug free, natural ways to help unhook from issues & concerns. 

Overall, when we share our thoughts and problems, we are supported and lightened. Counselling or therapy can enable us to gain new insight or ideas & take proactive steps to reconnect with others to improve daily life. We can gain new life skills and new understanding.

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