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If you are unhappy or unhealthy – there is a part of you that knows why – What’s more, that part knows exactly what needs to be done to change it

Gregory Brice, author of “Healing Your Feelings”, 2004

This quote is actually a true thing.  Each of us in our subconscious mind or inner mind, holds the key for our healing and emotional wellness.  Our thoughts, beliefs, and our emotions have a major impact on our health and ability to heal. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes! Healing our emotions at the subconscious level of ourselves has lasting benefits for our day to day living, assisting many common symptoms in our modern society – anxiety, depression, anger issues, sleeping issues, addictive behaviours, psoriasis, eczema, & more.

My first and immediate mission

My first & immediate mission is about people, society as a whole, being more OK about seeking natural professional support. For me, normalising human mental everyday health is important. Improving our Emotional Wealth is the key. There can be one or many underlying emotional reasons (that we may or may not be aware of) that cause us to be off balance with our mental everyday health, resulting in … anger, anxiety, addictions, not sleeping well, feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, afraid to believe in oneself, perfectionism, migraines and so on…. these emotional responses, if they persist and are habits or behaviour patterns over time, they can affect not only our thinking minds but also our physical health – we are one body after all. We are made up of 50-75 Trillion cells of unique body!

I want to normalise people realising they have issues or concerns or symptoms and know there are professional safe, drug free natural therapies to assist them. You don’t have to just live with ‘it’, what is created within, can be resolved within. P.S.H. therapy is specifically designed to assist you to reset at the inner original emotionally caused source of unwanted negative emotional responses.

Normalising shame, guilt, worthlessness, strong self criticism etc – You are not alone – know too of all the available emotional opposites – joy, happiness, strong self worth, emotional resilience, just feeling calm – Know help is available. For me personally, I believe that P.S.H. therapy is currently the best modality as it is specifically designed to support our natural healing at the real original source of our unresolved emotional issues.

I fully encourage people coming to Clear Minds Natural Therapy – & be like past clients who now:

Feel Better – Live Better

P.S.H. therapy and the Rewind Technique are natural therapies that allow people to be resolving and dissolving within themselves those patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them beneficially….. it follows along …. as we change our inner world for the better – then we also automatically recreate and change our outer world. This is a wonderful thing.

Our MindBody connection means if we change our thoughts we can change our health – you have the power to choose your version of the world.

My second mission

My 2nd mission is a larger scale of the 1st – which is to reduce public negative stigma relating to everyday Mental Health that we all experience in our lives. Never doubt it – you can naturally change your life! You can gently & effectively upgrade your systems for living!

Never doubt it – you can change your life!

I want to Normalise the great idea for people to really stop and check in with themselves – Am I really ok? To be aware of ‘What we think about, we bring about’ and also ‘What you expect you get’!

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

Henry Ford

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