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newspaperNotes from me, Sara:-

I’m overjoyed that I am now feeling and living my life as I really can, free to be me!  … no longer having an automatic shadow of doubt and unease burdening my every move and squashing my desires to change and be me …….I’m only sorry it took so many years ….. I wish I had known about P.S.H. therapy sooner –

My mission now is to reach and teach everyday people that there is a way to be the real you – it is simply a matter of allowing yourself to reset your inner mind and heal that which no longer serves purpose in your life.

Quotes I like – “Opinion is ultimately determined by the feelings, and not by the intellect”  also “Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations”. – Herbert Spencer

“If you do not develop yourself, then you will remain as you were conditioned to be”.- Michael Rowland

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Page 24/ Saturday, September 27, 2014 – Tweed Daily News

GOOD READ: Self-help book changes Sara Sullivan’s outlook and career

New chapter in life story – written by Fran Rabbitts for ‘Tweed Treasures’

THERE’S an ancient Sanskrit proverb that says “when the pupil is ready the master will appear”.  This was the case for Banora Point resident Sara Sullivan who for years had felt disconnected, unworthy and suffered from low self-esteem.  The death of a close friend only exacerbated her condition and sparked a deep depression.  But her breakthrough came by way of a book that not only changed her life but her career.

Sara said: “My life-line was a book called Healing Your Feelings by Greg Brice, a private subconscious-mind healing (P.S.H.) practitioner since 1983”.

Greg wrote the book to assist those wishing to make changes and access their own self-healing.

Sara was born in Kenya at the time the terrorist Mau Mau was targeting non Africans, and her family migrated to Australia.

“Mothers are expected to be nurturing and loving. Mine wasn’t,” she recalls.

“I grew up in an atmosphere of hostility and mental instability.” “This had a profound effect on not only my childhood, which was bleak, but all my adult life as well.” “I now know that mum had an undiagnosed bi-polar condition.”

“I left home at 18 determined to support myself and took any jobs that were available.” “Over the ensuing years I was honing administrative and nursing skills outwardly, but still very naive and holding insecurities inwardly. The song What About Me? could have been my theme song.” “I was 36, single and pregnant with my first child and decided to find where I would settle down and start my new life.”

“I set off from Sydney to go to Cairns to reconnect with friends and was searching to find a more meaningful life for me and my baby-to-be.”

“On this trip, I remember driving the coast road between Wooyung and Cudgen Creek and rounding the bend and catching my breath at the sheer natural beauty of the area.

“I knew that this was where I would like to settle and start a new life for my baby and me and we’ve been here ever since.”

Sara settled into mother-hood and worked in Murwillumbah, happy in her work, but privately carrying an intangible burden of negativity and self-doubt.

She said: “I now know this was at a deep level of my subconscious that I couldn’t access, and after reading the book Healing Your Feelings …. it made sense.

“Particularly appealing was the privacy aspect of this; the therapist doesn’t need to know your inner secrets.

“I contacted the author Greg Brice and in two consultations I had the tools in which I could help myself.

“My relief was incredible as I healed myself and released the underlying negativity that had controlled my life until then.

“I asked him if he would train me in this therapy.”

Sara Sullivan is now a fully accredited P.S.H. practitioner and can be contacted at the P.S.H. Centre Tweed Heads on 0423 830 920.

With permission and endorsed by I.C.S.T.R. (QLD)