Our Mental Patterns & Habits

Most people don’t realise our minds and therefore our life, can be running on ‘automatic’ day to day and week to week because we humans are creatures of habit, creatures of patterning behaviour.  Habits whether they are good or bad for us are a comfortable pattern. Patterning from childhood can keep us living by habit reaction rather than by choice. This may not necessarily be good for us.

Along our journey, life delivers us lessons by 1) a nudge or perhaps a jolt to our circumstances or experiences to force us to rethink and change our habitual ways or 2) leaving us to find our own ways of ‘growing up’ or ‘aha moments’ as we experience our life, family & relationships, careers & our personal interests, while we aim to make sense of and achieve what purpose we have in life.

Doing life can sometimes be very overwhelming and confusing.  Getting help to undo unwanted or negatively impacting patterning behaviours or change our unwanted behaviours & feelings is possible. Using a safe and gentle modern therapy approach, you can make your desired changes and have lasting benefits for your health & happiness.