What is P.S.H. therapy?

P.S.H. has been specifically designed to effectively support you making desired changes to your unwanted behaviours, responses or feelings that you have not been able to change with will power, conscious effort, determination or ordinary medical or psychological procedures. It is completely natural and very gentle therapy.

The actions of the subconscious mind are reflexive in nature and are not governed by reason or thinking, like the conscious mind is. If you’re unable to change an unwanted reflexive behaviour or response or feeling, its likely due to it being a negative subconscious emotion. You are in conflict with yourself, your logic & reasoning conscious mind and subconscious inner patterning doesn’t match up. Like the quiet shy office guy who after a few drinks is up dancing & outgoing at the Christmas party. Your subconscious mind holds the reason for your mixed success when willpower doesn’t work – the original cause for these behaviours or emotions was likely started when you were very young, perhaps between being a baby and up to six years young and were the appropriate reactions at that time.

Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) is a gentle & very effective subconscious-mind therapeutic model that does not require any conscious-mind focus on any specific event. As the P.S.H. therapy process is non invasive and is effective, bringing lasting benefits, clients are happy to recommend it as a good therapy to friends and family. Typically only 1-3 sessions are needed. Healing & ongoing changes occur after formal sessions.

P.S.H.is not to be confused with other models of therapy such as Counselling, EFT, NLP, CBT, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, or any of the common clinical psychological methods, or any other modality.

P.S.H. is well-established since 1989, with Therapists nationwide.  It is a methodology that is designed specifically to help a person resolve the underlying emotional causes of their presenting problems or issues. the client doesn’t need to know the exact cause of their issues, because the inner subconscious part already knows in its life record. P.S.H. utilises the most up-to-date understanding of our natural subconscious processes. The P.S.H. model is a natural, drug-free, safe & gentle modality that is quickly replacing more traditional forms of subconscious-mind techniques.

The underlying principles & philosophies of  the P.S.H. methodology, are fully supported by the most recent neurobiological sciences, & contemporary understandings about subconscious processes, how they function & the resulting problems that can be caused.  The principles & methods applied as the foundation of the P.S.H. model stand alone in the field of people-helping.

If you are unhappy or unhealthy – there is a part of you that knows why – What’s more, that part knows exactly what needs to be done to change it

Gregory Brice, author of “Healing Your Feelings”, 2004

Brief History of Development of P.S.H. Therapy

Two Australian therapists, each working independently and unknown to each other, developed the basic concepts of P.S.H. as we know it today. Gregory L. Brice, (Currently Director at I.C.S.T.R., Brisbane, Qld, Australia)and the author of “Healing Your Feelings” and the late Francis J. (Frank) Wright author of “Emotional Healing” gradually evolved their individual clinical methods in their own particular directions.  In 1989 Brice and Wright combined their understandings and techniques and following further refinements and changes (all developed in the clinical setting), the new therapy model of P.S.H. was founded and introduced to other practitioners in 1990.

The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists’ Association (ASTA) is the only organisation of fully trained and qualified therapists who specialise in P.S.H. therapy. ASTA members are united in the desire to help clients help themselves to achieve the inner health, well-being and the improved quality of life they seek for themselves.  Members are bound by the Association’s strict Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. I am a member of this Association.

Is this you?

Much of the time we can be running on automatic, day to day, week to week because we humans are creatures of habit, creatures of patterning behaviour.

Ask yourself, your family members, your friends – Am I anxious?, stressed?, road raging?, quick to anger? not sleeping well?, having migraines?, feeling depressed? Having chronic pain? Unable to resolve deep grief? Am I keeping on going and yet still struggling with familiar issues? How long is long enough?

Just know, when you’re ready – Help & Change can occur for you …. P.S.H. uses the body’s own natural inner abilities to make change. Its your life…. make an appointment with Sara for P.S.H. therapy to support you to make your desired changes and feel better – live better!

How Does it Work?

It works very naturally using your body’s natural healing resolving abilities. If ordinary medical or psychological procedures are not assisting you, and your will power and conscious effort and willingness isn’t working, or works for a while then old habits or old patterns emerge again …. chances are your symptoms and behaviours result from negative subconscious emotion. Generally having 1-3 sessions of 60-90 minutes each will bring you lasting benefits. Healing continues long after formal therapy has completed.

Our models of our reality lie below the surface, in our subconscious-mind. This is where changes need to occur. P.S.H. therapy is specifically designed to help you make your desired changes. Changes happen very naturally within you, perhaps you’ll be surprised at how easily and gently this will occur for you.

The range of symptoms for clients successfully helped with P.S.H. is almost endless because subconscious, inner discomfort for any number of reasons, can either directly cause or at least aggravate almost any problem. Some people may know something is wrong but are not sure what it is, & they can’t actually define it – they ‘just don’t feel right’… if they seek help using P.S.H., & follow therapy guidelines – they will make noticeable lasting differences for themselves. Clients have reported being assisted with their anxiety, stress, fears, depression, weight concerns to name a few.

Notice things like your sleep quality or sleep patterns (hard to get or stay asleep), your moods – more often than normal perhaps feeling overly upset or angry a lot or like an out of control type reaction. Perhaps an addiction or drive to increase your long term coping habits (drinking, drugs, smoking, gambling etc) & perhaps ‘foggy brain’ or indecision or routinely struggling along with unwanted thoughts or struggling with emotions, being over or under weight, eating disorders, migraines, anxiety or constant worrying, feeling fatigue generally or chronic fatigue or related.

Most of us think of ourselves as thinking beings that feel, when biologically we are actually feeling beings who think

Dr Jill Bolte – Taylor, Neuroscientist

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