Rewind Technique for Trauma

Trying to treat acute trauma, even chronic trauma or any phobia or fear by examining thoughts is ineffective because trauma is a condition of the emotional mind, not the thinking mind.

The Rewind Technique therapy is safe, non intrusive & drug free. The Rewind Technique is a brilliant natural therapy technique that has lasting benefits for those who are suffering from the results of being involved either directly or indirectly with one off trauma or repeated trauma in their life.

This modality does NOT require you to retell or revisit your story to me at session. I may ask how this affects you, but we will not directly revisit any experience.

Persons are usually noticing changes at the first session. For some that is all they may need, others may require more sessions – typically between 1-3 sessions can be needed. There is no right or wrong – we are unique all heal differently in varying time-frames.

How does it work?

Simply put, when you use the Rewind Technique, you actually recode or reset the way the memory is processed, in a safe & non-intrusive way. From the therapy session, the ‘incident or situation’ feels more distant & starts to feel “past” rather than “current”. The body no longer reacts in a ‘current’ crisis emergency manner either. This recoding or resetting of the memory also naturally alters the body functioning. This alteration of inner chemical processing then results in improved health & emotional benefits. The body is brought back to a state of neutral rather than being in a high state of red alert emergency.

A brief and simple overview of memory processing

Traumatic memories do not fade with time like a neutral or happy thought. Memory is actually processed in the Hippocampus portion of the brain. This is the processing area for new learning or recent events that occur for a person. When a memory starts to feel less recent then it starts to get activated in another area of the neocortex portion of the brain & gets stored in a different area of the brain.

Cortisol, the stress hormone can block the memory receding process from happening, so the memory stays recent & in the hippocampus portion of the brain. The hippocampus alerts the Amygdala which is like the ‘early warning system’ of the brain & it is treated as a current memory again. So, all the symptoms & behaviours of ‘flight & fight’ are once again in action, even though the actual situation is not now occurring, but the mind believes it to be so. This is like ‘trauma on a patterned repeat loop programme’. This is the reason why ‘flashbacks’ & nightmares are common & reoccurring for affected people.

Who Does this Rewind Technique Help?

This modality is assisting many people, especially those having – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from being bullied, domestic violence, motor vehicle accidents, returned service personnel, those employed in service careers ie. Police, Ambulance, Fire departments or for anyone – whether by situation or circumstance they may either be constantly or perhaps only sometimes be struggling to function, emotionally, mentally & physically due to PTSD symptoms impacting on them negatively, in their day to day living.

Those who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – to any degree, who wish to make changes to this occurring in their lives, can also achieve lasting benefits.

Any Fears or phobias including Panic Attacks – heights, flying, needles, lifts, dogs, spiders, snakes, crowds, exams, dentists or anything recurring that impacts you or holds you back or interferes negatively with your life or perhaps visiting places that you may avoid for particular reasons. These were created within you, and so know they can also be resolved.

The Rewind Technique is also helpful for those who are in Fear of future or upcoming events. We can work together to have this be a rehearsed event, done well & comfortably in the real world, when the ‘event’ day arrives.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Tony Robbins

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