Testimonials from previous P.S.H. clients

It may be helpful to understand the ways in which people make changes –

About change with P.S.H. therapy – For some clients, change occurs immediately; for others it’s a slower process over a longer period of time, often after therapy is completed (typically 1-3 sessions). For some people it’s totally retrospective – they are surprised when they suddenly realise they have made the changes they wanted.

Every individual is unique and will make their changes in the right way for them and in the right time frame for them. It’s a completely natural inner process, like healing a scratch or a bruise.  P.S.H. assists clients to effectively bring about lasting, positive changes.

Note: Permission has been obtained from clients to print and share their testimonials.

Amanda* aged 40 had been suffering migraines since the age of 17.     She also had insomnia (difficulty getting to or staying asleep). When she did get to sleep, she often had wild, disturbing dreams and also suffered from anxiety and depression.  Amanda returned a week after her first session and said she was feeling better. She hadn’t had a single migraine, but felt she wanted more therapy, a nudge along.  After her second session, Amanda said she felt as though something had somehow shifted.  She recalled a dream, not wild or disturbing, but reassuring. It seemed to have been linked to something that occurred when she was about ten years old.  She awoke after the dream, not really sure what had happened in the dream, but she felt more settled, not disturbed. At the 3-month follow up (conducted over the phone), Amanda said she hadn’t had a migraine since the first session and was now sleeping well. Her anxiety was now minimal; she was feeling much happier and not at all depressed.

Melinda* aged 38 – On her original visit Melinda’s main concerns were constant exhaustion, lack of concentration, depression, feelings of paranoia prior to menstruation, and regular bouts of bronchitis which seemed closely related to her nervous state. She was also seriously overweight. After three sessions of P.S.H. therapy, she realised that all symptoms except her weight problem stemmed from one original very simple emotion, which she chose not to disclose. She did say she was sure that her weight was not that important at the moment, but that she knew it would be put right when everything else was resolved.  

Melinda came back to me about 2 years later. She said that all the other problems had disappeared completely and she was ready to tackle her weight control. We did a single session, during which she released something she clearly had been unable to release two years earlier. After 3 months, Melinda got back in touch and said she had lost many kilos and felt like a whole new person.

Susie* aged 30 was quite overweight and felt very unworthy. Susie had one session of P.S.H. therapy and returned a week later for her second session. She said that during the week, she became aware she always substituted eating for crying.  Susie disclosed that she shed many tears after that first session and on and off during the intervening week. She said the tears were the first she could ever remember expressing and we mutually agreed that she was well on her way and needed no more formal therapy at that point. Susie called me 6 months later and said she had reached her goal of sixty-four kilos and found it was very easy to stick to that weight.

Michael* aged 29 presented with anger issues and a “cold hard feeling of stone and heaviness” in his stomach. His doctor had done tests and could not find any physical reason for his symptoms. Michael was desperate to change his behaviour and heard from a friend about P.S.H. therapy. At the beginning of his second session he related to me what had occurred for him since his first session a week before. He explained that he had experienced a feeling of sadness, but the dominant feeling was much more physical. All of his symptoms and anger disappeared after he experienced a tightness in his stomach, which rose upwards in his body, seemed to stick momentarily in his neck and then evaporated like a gas, bringing the first deep feeling of inner calm he had ever known.

Petra* aged 48 – is a psychologist who was frightened that her conscious mind would discover unpleasant feelings related to her childhood difficulties. (She strongly felt she had blocked something out). I explained to her that her subconscious is very private, that P.S.H. is a gentle therapy that allows people to resolve and heal what is needed, privately within the subconscious-mind.  At the end of the second session, she said that she really knew ‘it is gone’.

Stephen* aged 48 – Stephen came to me because he felt ‘deeply unhappy’. He knew that ‘something’ was going on ‘deep down’, but he had no idea what it was about. Stephen was suffering bad headaches, stomach tension, and eczema, which had begun as his marriage broke up. He also constantly ground his teeth, a habit he’d had all his life.

At the end of his second session, Stephen felt he’d released something that had started as a child. On arrival for his third session, he said he already experienced a ‘deep happiness’, a feeling he had always longed for but which he had previously felt was impossible for him. We mutually decided that as he was already noticing changes, he didn’t need a full third session. (Everybody changes in their own time and own way). I received an email some 11 months later, saying that “whatever it was” wasn’t troubling him anymore. He said his entire life and outlook had changed, all symptoms had disappeared and he told me he had easily given up smoking a couple of months after seeing me.

Eve* aged 25 had anxiety that troubled her on a daily basis. At her first session she physically experienced a slight shudder and shed a few involuntary tears. She was aware of nothing else, yet it later became apparent that her subconscious had effectively and totally completed the job.  At her second session appointment, Eve said she was “sorted” because during the week she was totally surprised to find she had somehow gotten over her anxiety. She had simply not felt it anymore.

Hannah* aged 29 felt that she had let go of something which she attributed to the deep sense of rejection she experienced after her first real romance at the age of twenty-one. And let go she had. As a result, the frightening dreams, knots in the stomach, migraine headaches and insomnia disappeared within weeks and she said quitting smoking was easily conquered. None of these difficulties has returned in any form in the three-and-a-half years since her last visit. I was told this by her friend who Hannah had recommended she come and see me.

Recently Anthony* Aged 35 came to me. His was a typical rags-to-riches story. Poor as a child and now quite well off and hugely busy. Outwardly, he seemed to have everything going for him, and yet he was ready to give up on life because he was so totally dumbfounded by what was happening to him. He was continually battling against almost constant depression, severe insomnia (one to two hours sleep a night at best), almost unbearable body aches and a burning sensation down the entire right side of his body. His stomach was in an almost constant state of spasm; he experienced severe migraines, terrifying dreams connected to a fear of death and panic attacks, which seemed to be getting progressively worse. His GP was at a loss because all tests came back negative. He had heard from a friend about P.S.H. therapy being both natural and effective.

Anthony completed two sessions over 4 days, due to travel and work commitments.  Weeks later he phoned me to say, “I know I don’t need any more help. I will always be grateful to you. I have no idea what it was all about, but I do know it has all been dealt with. My life is now back on track, and I realise that it has come just in time, as far as my long-suffering family is concerned”.

P.S.H. Private Subconscious-mind Healing. Most people are surprised to discover they have the natural ability within themselves to resolve their everyday problems. P.S.H. Therapy is specifically designed to assist you to activate your own healing resources to make your desired changes. There is no need for endless talking or thinking-level analysing. Many people welcome the gentle & effective P.S.H. model which supports true inner emotional healing, privately within.

Many people don’t realise ‘What we create within we can resolve within’.

It can be very reassuring to realise that we may or may not fully know the exact cause of our problems in order to resolve them, but thank goodness at an inner level we do.