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We are proud and pleased to announce that the 2019 P.S.H. Therapy Vocational Training Programme is to be conducted by I.C.S.T.R. (AUST) in Canberra, commencing in February 2019, under the expert tutelage of Belinda Hawkins.

The P.S.H. approach as a form of therapy, represents the future – as this modality is what is needed to meet the growing incidence of emotional trauma, anxiety and depression in our society. It is supported by clinic room evidence and backed by breakthroughs in neuroscience.

For those who feel drawn to a helping vocation, this is an opportunity to draw meaning from your own emotional experiences, since empathy is prerequisite for helping others to heal.

As a qualified P.S.H. therapist, you will be invited to join the Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists Association (A.S.T.A.) which is the only organisation of fully trained and qualified therapists who specialise in P.S.H. therapy in Australia.

For more information regarding the 2019 P.S.H. Therapy Vocational Training Programme including Suitability, Course Dates, Fees, Course Outline and Application Packages please visit or contact Belinda on 0409 619 639.