What Is The Subconscious Mind?

wallWhile our conscious mind is the rational, decision-making part of our mind, there are also many things that we do subconsciously things we are not consciously aware of. The subconscious is the part that is in control of all that is subconsciously initiated, whether it is mental, emotional, biochemical or physical.

Although no one has ever seen one (the same applies to the conscious mind for that matter), we know it is the part of us that automatically feels and responds, without us consciously making it happen. It has an imprinted memory or impression of every feeling from when we first begin to feel even in the womb, before we learn to speak.

The subconscious is that more intuitive, creative part of us that holds the key to all of our life experiences. It controls all our emotional feelings, our creative imagination, and our ability to meditate and dream. It allows us to walk down the street, dance, or drive a car safely, while our conscious mind is thinking about something else entirely.
It is a part of our ‘inner self’ that is in charge of our automatic responses, our ability to heal, and our ability to experience love, happiness, fear, depression etc.

When a person is unable to change unwanted feelings, responses or behaviours through conscious effort or will power, it is usually an indication of subconscious conflicts. While they remain, they can, and often do, lead to unwanted symptoms. Consciously, we are usually only aware of the symptoms, not the inner conflicts.

Our subconscious mind is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ – it simply IS. It takes care of us and protects us and gives us the ability to be ‘human’. That means being sad or unhealthy as well as happy and healthy. More importantly, with the appropriate help, it also has the ability to make changes to many everyday emotional and physical problems.

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