Our Mental Patterns & Habits

The natural therapy modalities practiced at Clear Minds Natural Therapy, located in Tweed Heads are supporting clients to make their desired changes and improving quality of living.

P.S.H. Therapy gently supports inner mind re-programming effortlessly and naturally.  You don’t have to understand how the natural therapy works, just know it does and so many clients have made amazing and lasting changes for themselves. Resolving self-blame, self criticism, guilt, shame, feeling unworthy or feelings of being stuck or fearful of moving forward. These are very common concerns and can be assisted.

Whose life are you living? …. Most of us get to a point in our lives and have the sudden realisation that maybe we are actually living our lives to obtain acceptance & approval from our parent/s. We may realise we aren’t living our own preferred way, but our parent/s way! Doing what our parent/s chose for us as a career or following along with our parent/s preferred people to date or marry or ways of eating or religion choice or our thoughts about money.

This realisation may occur in our late teens, 20’s or even 40’s or later depending just how strongly entrenched family beliefs, expectations & traditions have their hold on the psyche. We may be left shocked or depressed or even feeling guilty. Others may be relieved.

The common reason for this occurring is that as children, we were perhaps not actually honoured as individuals in our own right. Likely not being allowed our own will and own purpose or sense of self to naturally unfold. We instead learned to look outside of ourselves for seeking approval, support and direction.

The good news is that when we are ready, the unnurtured part of us is still there within, like a seed that has not yet received the adequate sunlight and moisture it needs to grow and prosper and to bloom. When we do nurture our own self, we grow and shine in our own way and it allows us to feel better and to live better. We can recognise our own identity and value, emotionally support ourselves better and can enjoy the journey more to find meaning and purpose in life.

For some just having this realisation is quite healing but others, seeking support groups or therapy is best.

Written by Sara Sullivan – Clear Minds Natural Therapy  – November 2018